Staxe enables music & creative productions' economies on Web3
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Published on
Nov 7, 2022
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Staxe is a decentralized platform for Event Organisers and Artists to release tokens to raise funds for festivals, music gigs, live events and music productions. It allows fans to invest and share in the success of events as well as receive exclusive benefits for being a supporter.

It allows Event Organisers and Artists to receive funds up front rather than after an event. It gives fans an opportunity to support their favourite Artists; enabling them to produce more content.

- Our customer segment is currently Europe (Spain) as most of our current labels and Artists are in Spain which is where Staxe was created.
- Our primary value proposition is that funds are sourced upfront and can be withdrawn instantly before an event takes place.
- We currently have a Decentralized Application (DApp) where creators can make proposals for their events. Each event has its own token. We also have Discord & Telegram channels that connect fans and creators together.

We are accepting DApp Testers in our Discord server for people interested in beta testing the DApp. Anyone is able to test the DApp (no experience or crypto knowledge required).

Special offer for Early Ones 👀

We have a FREE NFT Mint coming up in November. Early Ones are eligible to participate by joining the Staxe Discord server and saying 'Hey from Early Ones!' One of our Community Managers will then assign you the whitelist role!