Mint new NFT projects safely from one interface.
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Nov 8, 2022
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Copied! let's you mint new NFT projects safely from one interface.

1. Mint everything from a single interface: shows you every project minting now, ranked by popularity, so you don’t have to search across various websites, Twitter, Discord, and group chats to figure out what to mint. And when you’re ready to mint, you can do that directly from! We connect your wallet to the project contract and do not take any fees for facilitating your mint.

2. Mint safely: runs automated safety checks on every project. Our users also flag projects for the benefit of the whole community. We present warning labels for suspicious projects so you know when to proceed with caution.

3. Mint with maximum information: we aggregate everything you need to know about a project in one place: when it launched, the % minted out so far, number of unique minters, top minters, creator wallet, and much more. We even show you what your Twitter friends are minting!

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