Post-to-earn knowledge graph. Think of it like "owning land in a conversation"
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Nov 7, 2022
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Ideamarket lets you make money arguing on the internet. The more people who rate your posts, the more you earn. As a side effect, Ideamarket crowdsources credibility for information, without relying on legacy institutions.

Users rate posts to express agreement or disagreement. Instead of waiting 18 months for CNN to agree with you, you can crowdsource a list of public figures who agree with you within hours or days. In retrospect, it will be clear who was insightful and who was just following trends.

Imagine querying the on-chain record of opinions — “Who rated [IMPORTANT THING] above [90% CONFIDENCE] at [EARLY TIME]?”

Special offer for Early Ones 👀

1000 $IMO for each 10 posts you rate.

DM us your Ideamarket profile URL on Twitter to claim. 😊