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Nov 10, 2022
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Bebop is a decentralized trading platform that delivers a breakthrough in user experience for trading in DeFi. We offer the most accurate prices with no slippage or unexpected fees. Bebop differs from other DeFi trading platforms in a number of ways. We offer multiple token trades, no slippage, and network fees included in the quoted price.

Multi-token trades: In addition to being able to trade one token for another, Bebop allows users to perform multiple token trades, all in one transaction. Trade one token for a portfolio of up to 5 tokens or several tokens for one - these are our signature “one-to-many” and “many-to-one” functionalities.

No slippage: Bebop offers superior execution. Our users get no slippage, which means that they can trade exactly at the price they see and that the price does not change once trade has been initiated.

Fees includes: Bebop delivers full transparency into how quotes are calculated. Network fees are also included in the price that is quoted, so our users do not encounter any unexpected network fees.

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