Mailchimp for Web3: Bulksend NFTs and crypto to wallet addresses without writing code
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Nov 10, 2022
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Airdropr is a no-code smart contract builder that enables web3 companies to deploy claimable and non-claimable Airdrops without writing code. Great for sending NFTs and Coins to a large number of wallet addresses, inexpensively.

- Snapshot: is an easy way to query the chain via the front-end without relying on developers to make wallet lists/audiences and use them later.

- Analytics: Understand what users do after they get your tokens. % claimed and the number of active holders.

Later we will be launching "X to Earn API": A few lines of code in any app enabling rewarding crypto or NFTs for JS events. (When someone does X give them Y coins).

We're building Mailchimp for Web3. Just as Mailchimp helps web2 companies reach email addresses. We help web3 companies reach wallet addresses.

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